After the teams are made, we will start making the team flag and, of course, a matching yell. Let your voice be heard and be creative, you may already earn your first amulet with this! In various active and less active games, you will compete and the team captain will hang his neck full of the earned amulets. 

But don't rejoice too soon...
Anything can still change during the island council

This is what it looks like

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The expedition is an ideal and varied outing for all ages. For active and less active groups and for thinkers and doers. A motley, colourful and lively event where fire, passion, combativeness, camaraderie and a sense of survival splash from start to finish.

During Robinson, everything will be recorded in photos and videos, which you will also receive afterwards. This way, the fun day can be remembered and talked about for a long time.

Robinson @ The Beach can be booked from 25 people and has a duration of 3 hours.

This is what visitors think of our events


It was also very enjoyable. For me what a special day it was anyway. For me, it was in fact my farewell to the department, because I am retiring. Thanks to your beautiful location and the efforts of your colleagues, it became one of the nicest team days in years. There was just a cosy vibe. You guys have a perfectly service-oriented organisation. You understand by now I have few comments or criticisms. So keep "just" going like this!



I have to say we had a fantastic time, it was a very small group but they made the evening really enjoyable. I have to compliment your DJ and barman, they accommodated us really well and engaged with myself and the rest of the party exceptional well, with good intimacy and attention. My last remark is that the food was remarkable, there was a good choice, looked good and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks again to you and the team for making our evening happen and so enjoyable!

Arvato Benelux


"It was top notch again! Get a lot of compliments on the food! The gentlemen behind the bar also put in a huge effort for us throughout the day. We are very satisfied!"

NH 1816


We want to thank you again for the fantastic day! What a lovely company you guys are, everything was top notch!!! Fantastic people, delicious food, everyone was enthusiastic, super!!! Next year we want again (and the year after and beyond!)

Westcon Group


"It was a super party and the organisation was top notch! We received a lot of positive feedback about the workshops and the party. It will be hard to get over this next time ;). Thanks for everything and maybe until next time ;)"

Haarlemmermeer police


"It was perfect yesterday, from reception to the ice cream cart. Jeroen's guidance was top notch and also the trainer/instructor, who had supervised the volleyball, was top notch. I have no comments or criticisms. Top work by the Team at The Beach delivered!"


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