We offer all-in-one solutions for your meeting.

Includes lunch, team activities and dinner buffet. Whether it is a conference, trade fair or product presentation, we provide a seamless experience from start to finish!

This is what it looks like

 At The Beach, we have a variety of inspiring spaces that enhance creativity. Think, for example, of a meeting with your feet in the sand, a relaxed presentation in the Beach Club, a unique setting in the monumental Auction Room or an intimate meeting in our Boardroom overlooking the beach volleyball courts.

In our industrial third hall, we also offer the possibility of organising a tailor-made meeting. This space is no less than 580 m² and thus endless in terms of possibilities. We will of course be happy to help organise the planned meeting and think along with you.
We have several meeting rooms and spaces available with a capacity of 6 to 500 people. Of course, the meeting rooms can be equipped with the desired A/V equipment and The Beach is equipped with free Wi-Fi. There is also the option of hiring your own secure WiFi connection from us.

The special thing about a meeting in our monumental building is that the meeting can be combined with sports activities on the heated sand, lunch, drinks and/or dinner, all under one roof!

Curious about all the possibilities? Request our brochure via the contact form, mail to or call 0297347444. We will be happy to talk to you!

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This is what visitors think of our events


The team outing was very well received by everyone. At the invitation we sent to all colleagues, we still heard some mutterings about 'pfff really he volleyball' or 'I'm really not going to do sports' but this completely changed after the event. Many people did not know The Beach yet and had not expected the large sandboxes with nets. Even people who weren't actually going to participate in volleyball eventually decided to join in there anyway. They also all enjoyed the food and really liked this 'build your own burger' concept and were also well-filled afterwards. The reception at the bar and the space we had was really perfect. Everyone came to thank you afterwards and the colleagues organising the team outing next year will have a tough time... Super thanks for your reception and good care.



For several years now, as a company, we have organised an annual volleyball tournament. A success every time. The Beach thinks along with us, which results in a wonderful event every tournament. Over 300 participants on 1 evening, including games, supervision during games, good food and drinks and what a service!!!! Next year a repeat which all staff are looking forward to. My compliments.



It was also very enjoyable. For me what a special day it was anyway. For me, it was in fact my farewell to the department, because I am retiring. Thanks to your beautiful location and the efforts of your colleagues, it became one of the nicest team days in years. There was just a cosy vibe. You guys have a perfectly service-oriented organisation. You understand by now I have few comments or criticisms. So keep "just" going like this!



I have to say we had a fantastic time, it was a very small group but they made the evening really enjoyable. I have to compliment your DJ and barman, they accommodated us really well and engaged with myself and the rest of the party exceptional well, with good intimacy and attention. My last remark is that the food was remarkable, there was a good choice, looked good and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks again to you and the team for making our evening happen and so enjoyable!

Arvato Benelux


"It was top notch again! Get a lot of compliments on the food! The gentlemen behind the bar also put in a huge effort for us throughout the day. We are very satisfied!"

NH 1816


We want to thank you again for the fantastic day! What a lovely company you guys are, everything was top notch!!! Fantastic people, delicious food, everyone was enthusiastic, super!!! Next year we want again (and the year after and beyond!)

Westcon Group

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